Earning daily living is becoming difficult day by day; whether you are a business person or job holder, you will find great difficulties at your workplace for example difficulties in getting promoted, difficulties in managing time schedule, difficulties in managing workload, making your projects more profitable, lowering expenses, having problems with workmates, getting problems in acquiring desirable work post, etc. All these and many more problems are because of competition. The competition is may be undesirable for some people but it is there ever whatever you do, where ever you go. Especially for business organizations, competition is a big issue to tackle. The organizations which do not give attention to this serious issue get a collapse within no time.

Every business has competitors, which become rivals sometimes. Every business organization should deal with its competitors with great care. A thing which must be taken care of while taking care of your competitors is that you should know among the crowded number of customers who really are competitors; who can give a tough time to your business. If you seriously and logically realize your real and worthy of competition customers; half of your work is done. The reason is that if you know your biggest customers, you will handle them easily. But if you don’t analyze well and select the wrong number of competitors. Then you may suffer by spending your recourses to get compete with an organization which is not worthy of competition. Your targeted competition approach will make you hit the right competitors and hence you will be able to handle them seriously. You can launch products which are alternative to their products and better than their products, you will have to spend less recourse, hence higher will be the profit ratio. Your targeted approach makes you able to snatch customers from your competitors or will save your customers from going to your competitors by giving. 

In the race of competition business organizations have to offer customers some benefits and packages to catch them their attention. For example, Satellite dish TV providing companies offer schemes like offering Dish TV recharge deals in which free channels are offered with paid channels. These Dish TV recharge deals are designed so that they get the attention of customers. Some garments companies will offer some % discount on their products. Mobile phone companies will offer free minutes or SMS to catch customers’ attention. These attention-catching tactics sometimes get costly by reducing profit margins for companies but they get beneficiaries if their techniques increase their customer’s circle.